So does an apple cupcake a day qualify to keep the doctor away?

September is Johnny Appleseed’s birthday!  What a great excuse to have some cake and teach the kids about a great American folk hero.  Johnny Appleseed, whose real name is actually John Chapman, was born on September 24, 1774.  He is known for being a simple man who planted apple trees along the Ohio river region.  He is fondly remembered for his kindness to all creatures.  Many schools celebrates Johnny Appleseed’s birthday and use it as a great learning day as well.

Here are some activities you could do:

~Tallying apple seeds…great way to practice counting & learning about uniqueness

~Apple art…cut some apples in halves and make some edible paint (red food coloring in condensed milk) and paint on uncoated white paper plates.

~Learn how an apple starts out as a seed and grows into a tree.

Lastly, use all the apples from your activities to do some baking or better yet, stop by Cupcake Crazy in the Seminole Towne Center to pick some yummy caramel apple cupcakes (or any of our other wonderful flavors!).