It’s the last stretch of the summer and it is super HOT in Florida!  Keeping kids busy in the summer is challenging for most parents.  The first few weeks of summer vacation are great but as the holidays go on, the kids start getting bored.  And the parents start counting the days till the beginning of the next school year!


Here are some great ideas for summer fun:


Get the kids moving!  Even though its hot, get the kids outdoors.  Maybe swimming at a private pool or clubhouse, going to the park, riding bikes with friends or shooting some hoops on the driveway.  There are also plenty of splash parks which are low cost or even free for the kids to stay cool in.


Make sure the kids are still keeping their brains working.  Reading is a great way to keep kids on task during the summer.  They can choose books that they love to read or go on your child’s school website for summer reading lists and get a head start for the upcoming year.


Moms and dads need a break too!  Summer camps are great for kids and parents too!  You can choose from a large variety of camps, from all week, few days or even just a few hours.  Find an activity that your child would like to try out or a camp that does different activities daily.  Lots of churches & schools have themed weekly camps that are great for the kids!  Cupcake Crazy offers a great weekly camp on Wednesdays from 12-1:30 for moms & dads who just need a few hours.  We are conveniently located in the Seminole Town Center so you can drop off your child for a fun filled 1.5 hours of fondant art and cupcake decorating while you can shop or getting a manicure/pedicure!

Check out our summer kids parties – Copy schedule or call us at (407) 804-0229