With October coming to a beautiful end November is creeping up behind. With Halloween no being over, cavities start to set in while the dentists grin with joy. The next holiday is a big family event and you might have family flying in or you’re taking a trip to them. Either way we all know and understand the stress that comes with it. With the world spinning around you its time to stop and breathe to think about what you’re thankful for and push forward! Whether you’re thankful for friends, family, your brand new car, or the love of your life let them know how much they mean to you (maybe not your car). If you need any more reasons to be thankful here’s 100 ways by Martha Stewart! Click here

Give thanks

We all love Thanksgiving… FOOD! Family’s cooking delicious foods together are not only beneficial to your stomach it’s also a great time to bond. Dinner or Dessert, try assigning groups of people to jobs and watch as everyone laughs together and it’s priceless! The fresh smell of pie fills the air with sweet scents of cherry, mouth watering pumpkin, or warm cinnamon apple-“delicious!”. Everyone does something a little differently this time of the year as a tradition or just ‘trying something new’ so what are some activities you participate in? Why not take a look at some activities for the family!

For those of you who like to decorate, now’s a good time to go above and beyond on your house. Go digging in the garage for all those hidden treasures. Company will be astonished after seeing what you’ve accomplished and you might have just given someone something to be thankful for!

Cupcake fun

Cupcakes are one of the simplest ways to brighten every ones day up and with bakeries carrying thanksgiving styles it’s guaranteed to be a win for you! In the past blog I mentioned a few ideas on Thanksgiving cupcakes so if you haven’t read it you might want to check it out. Cupcakes can be dressed up in any fun style you can think of, put in a special order for custom cupcakes if you’re not completely happy with the cupcakes in the store! I’ll give you a few ideas to get an imagine in your head (Turkey toppers, Cornucopia, Pilgrims, Indians, Buckled hats, and many more). Thanksgiving brings around special seasonal flavors that might only be in for the month of November so hurry in to your local store and pick up a few! In addition to cupcakes¬†Cupcake Crazy¬†will be making homemade pies, bunt cakes in pumpkin spice and banana nut, ice cream cakes, homemade ice cream, and holiday cookies all baked fresh and made in house! What a variety of delectable treats! What are you waiting for?!

Turkey day

To wrap things up with a nice bow i’d like to finish by thanking everyone for reading and a big Happy Holidays from everyone at Cupcake Crazy! We’re thankful for every single customer that walks through that door.